Your business will generate more profit with these powerful supplemental credit products from F and I Systems.

Retail business owners make more profit with our proven line of collateral credit and financing products, and F and I Systems provides the hands on training that makes it work in your business.

F and I Systems will increase your profit every day with additional credit & financing solutions that work behind your primary sales finance provider. These customer-focused credit solutions are designed to boost overall sales, create happier customers and provide you with more profit.

F & I Systems secondary credit and financing products make it possible to:

  • Get credit approval for ready-to-buy customers previously declined by your primary lending source
  • Complete online charge submittals the same day products are delivered.
  • Up-sell more transactions using dedicated lines of credit
  • Get paid within 48-72 hours following the posting of charges to consumer accounts
  • Avoid consumer recourse, with this Revolving Credit Program
  • Offer customized consumer solutions with Variable Consumer Interest Rates.

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