Company History

F & I Systems, Inc. was formed in 1980 by Lonnie B. Davis and Sam L. Greenfeld to make credit products easier to sell through programs that work in tandem with the credit insurance industry. You get customer-focused solutions designed to increase attachment rates that boost sales and customer satisfaction for you.

Our Corporate Mission

To be the best at creating income opportunities for our independent clients by providing strategic products and services to compliment each client’s primary business goals.

If you are in the process of starting a Retail In House Finance Program, F&I Systems is the contact.  You can do it without us, but we promise we will help.  Our goal is that your program will be a success.

So whether you’re looking to insure products, provide extended service contracts, develop comprehensive in-house financing solutions, or train your staff to implement effective processes, F & I Systems is your one-stop shop. Contact Us Today